Tomasz Albrewczyński

Medical Director of the Paley European Institute

Orthopedist specializing in musculoskeletal system deformity treatment, limb lengthening, pediatric orthopedics and joint reconstruction.

Graduate of the Medical University of Warsaw. He accumulated his experience in orthopedics at the Chair and Teaching Department, Second Faculty of Medicine, Medical University of Warsaw. After that, he completed an internship at Paley Institute, West Palm Beach, Florida, USA. It helped him build solid foundations for his future professional growth.

He successfully implements innovative solutions into his patients’ treatment processes. As he says himself, he is a surgeon through and through. The operating theater is where he feels at home.

In his medical practice, he follows the highest standards. The word “compromise” was eradicated from his vocabulary a long time ago and he expects the same from his coworkers.

He lives by his credo: “In life, you either have results or excuses” (Canfield Jack).

In his personal life, he is the father of two and his interests lie with the automotive industry, especially the technology behind engines.