Sebastian Kowiecznikow

Physician Assistant (PA)

Paramedic, water rescuer, and academic lecturer at the Department of Medical Rescue at the Medical University of Warsaw.

He graduated from the Medical University of Łódź with a Bachelor’s degree in Public Health, specializing in emergency medicine. He completed his Master’s studies in Public Management, specializing in healthcare management, at the University of Warsaw. As one of the few in Poland, he is currently undergoing specialization as a Surgical Physician Assistant (PA).

For over a decade, he has been conducting courses and training in first aid and water rescue.

At Pale European Institute, he supports doctors in the operating room and medical office. Paley’s mission is to enable doctors to fully focus on establishing relationships with patients and their families. Therefore, the support of a second person is essential, handling tasks such as medical documentation.

Sebastian’s extensive knowledge, years of professional experience, strong empathy, and patience in action allow us to further concentrate on the patient, ensuring all their needs and expectations are met.

Privately, he is the father of Szymon and Iga and sports enthusiast, particularly passionate about swimming and basketball, and a huge NBA fan.