Olga Pietrzyca


Physiotherapist specializing in pediatric patients, with a specific focus on cerebral palsy (CP). The primary methods she employs in her practice include NDT Bobath, infant neurodevelopmental therapy, CIMT (Constraint-Induced Movement Therapy), serial casting, kinesiotaping, and sensory integration (SI). This comprehensive set of tools enables her to effectively support the physical and neurological development of her young patients.

Olga possesses extensive experience in cerebral palsy (CP), early intervention, rare diseases, neuromuscular disorders, and postoperative rehabilitation. Her knowledge and practice in these areas allow for a comprehensive approach to challenging cases and effective assistance for patients with various conditions.

Outside her professional work, Olga enjoys outdoor activities, particularly cycling, which provides her with relaxation and connection with nature. Additionally, she appreciates good crime novels and time spent with family while cooking together. Both in her professional and personal life, she emphasizes building strong bonds and creating valuable shared moments.