Marta Bartnik


Physiotherapist specializing in working with children with cerebral palsy (CP), congenital defects, limb amputations, and sensory integration disorders. Her dedication to these children and involvement in the therapeutic process make her an incredibly effective and empathetic specialist.

In working with patients, she utilizes various methods such as PNF (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation), manual therapy, deep tissue massage, CIMT (Constraint-Induced Movement Therapy), and electrostimulation. Through the application of these techniques, she aims to support the physical and functional development of her young patients in the most effective manner possible.

Outside her professional work, Marta adores traveling, providing relaxation and giving opportunities to conquer new mountain peaks. Running is her great passion, reflecting her commitment to training and participating in races. Her enthusiasm and physical activity enable her to maintain balance between her professional life and her passion for taking on new challenges. By combining personal interests and professional specialization, Marta motivates her patients to overcome their own barriers and achieve their fullest potential.