Maciej Okoń


Physiotherapist specializing in cerebral palsy (CP), neurology, and orthopedics. His aim is to provide comprehensive rehabilitative care and improve patients’ quality of life.

In his daily practice, Maciej utilizes various therapeutic methods, including manual therapy, neurophysiological approaches, and medical training. Through an individualized approach to each patient, he effectively supports them in the rehabilitation process and in achieving their intended goals.

Outside his professional work, Maciej is passionate about music, which serves as a source of inspiration and relaxation for him. He enjoys spending time on cycling trips, allowing him to have an active leisure time amidst nature. He’s also a cooking enthusiast, and the Paley European Institute team has had the opportunity to taste his dishes more than once.

Maciej not only commits himself to his patients’ care but also sets an example of balancing professionalism with the pursuit of his own passions.