Jan Lipski


Physiotherapist focusing his practice on working with patients with orthopedic issues. His approach in the field relies on utilizing soft tissue therapy, manual therapy, and functional training to achieve optimal outcomes for his clients.

In his professional practice, Jan combines his passion for sports with professionalism, providing exceptional support to his patients. He motivates them to reach further goals and continuously improve physical fitness. His sporting background allows him to empathetically understand the needs of athletes and physically active individuals, effectively translating into the quality of therapy provided.

Outside his professional work, Jan dedicates his leisure time to his passion for sports in various forms. For many years, he trained in volleyball and long-distance running, gaining rich experience in physical activity.

Jan leverages his experience as a physiotherapist and in sports to support others on their path to health and improved fitness. His dedication to professional work and passion for sports serve as inspiration, encouraging an active lifestyle and pursuit of goals.