Jacek Tadrzak


Physiotherapist professionally focused on orthopedic rehabilitation and traumatology. He specializes in postoperative and post-traumatic rehabilitation, particularly working with patients undergoing the process of bone lengthening. Additionally, he provides rehabilitation after amputations, sports injuries, and endoprosthetics procedures.

Continuously expanding his knowledge, Jacek actively participates in numerous conferences and training sessions both in Poland and abroad. This keeps him updated with the latest advancements in physiotherapy, enabling him to deliver services at the highest level.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Jacek is a happy father, which adds motivation and joy to his everyday life. He also enjoys cooking and sports, serving as an excellent way to relax and unwind after intense workdays.

Jacek is not just an outstanding physiotherapist but also an inspiring example of balance between professional and personal life. His dedication to work and interests serve as an inspiration, encouraging others to prioritize health and pursue their passions.