Izabela Mika


Physiotherapist specializing in working with patients, especially infants, with cerebral palsy (CP). She also addresses postural issues, scoliosis, and other musculoskeletal disorders. Her remarkable dedication and knowledge enable her to comprehensively support patients on their journey towards better functionality and quality of life.

In her daily practice, Izabela utilizes therapeutic methods such as the Bobath method, FITS (Functional Individual Therapy of Scoliosis), and casting. This combination of diverse techniques allows her to tailor therapy to the individual needs of each patient, resulting in the effectiveness and success of her work.

Beyond her professional work, Izabela is passionate about water sports, which not only help her relax but also promote a healthy lifestyle. Her second great love is traveling, particularly to sunny Italy, where she can effectively unwind and enjoy the culture of Italy.

Her blend of professionalism with personal interests makes her an inspiring role model, encouraging others to prioritize health and explore the Italian peninsula.