Beata Wnuk

PT Coordinator

Physiotherapist and occupational therapist, coordinator of the rehabilitation team at the Paley European Institute, with over 20 years of professional experience gained in numerous facilities related to neurological rehabilitation for children and adults in Poland and abroad.

An NDT Bobath assistant, IPNFA assistant, instructor for sports involving people with disabilities.

A graduate of the College of Physiotherapy in Wrocław, the Józef Piłsudski University of Physical Education in Warsaw, and the Humanistic and Economic Academy in Łódź.

She expanded her skills through specialized pediatric courses such as Vojta, MEAS, Thera Suit, Prechtl’s GM assessment, numerous courses in gait analysis, orthotic equipment selection, and multidirectional treatment planning for children and adults with neurological issues. She developed her skills both in Poland and abroad, notably during a 9-month internship in Vallejo, California, and a several-week internship at the University Hospital in Leuven and the Paley Orthopedic & Spine Institute in West Palm Beach, Florida.

She gained teaching experience as a lecturer at the Warsaw University of Physical Education and as a trainer, author, and translator of various specialized workshops, courses, and conferences.

Physiotherapy is not just her profession but above all, her greatest passion and hobby. Beata constantly develops her skills, actively participating in workshops, conferences, and training in neurological rehabilitation. Sharing knowledge brings her immense joy, so she organizes and conducts training sessions and workshops for other physiotherapists, inspiring them to continually broaden their horizons.

Outside of her professional work, Beata loves traveling and mountain climbing. There’s also ample space for her musical passion, and playing the guitar perfectly complements her diverse interests.

Beata is not just an exceptional physiotherapist and coordinator but also a person with a lot of passions who inspires others toward active living, learning, and travel.