Anna Nykiel


She is a psychologist who specializes in therapy for children and adolescents, as well as family and couples therapy. At Paley European Institute, she focuses on supporting children and their parents before, during, and after surgeries and throughout the treatment process.

A child’s illness is a challenge for the little one and the entire family. Therefore, her priority in her work is to provide support to both the child and their loved ones. She begins consultations with discussions with parents to collectively consider how best to organize daily life and provide support during difficult times. She also assists parents in setting expectations for the child during illness and throughout the rehabilitation process.

She is open to discussions on various aspects of family life, including emotions, development, and child behavior. She examines the child’s past development with parents, analyzes previous coping strategies as a family and couple, and identifies current challenges.

She gained experience in various institutions, including counseling centers, rehabilitation wards, child and adolescent psychiatry, and hospital wards. She works with couples from the pregnancy period through multiple stages of child development, up to adolescence, when young people seek their identity.

Outside of her professional work, she loves spending time in nature, especially cycling, which allows her to recharge her energy for the days ahead.