Aleksandra Jędrzejewska


Physiotherapist specializing in orthopedic physiotherapy, focusing on the rehabilitation of postoperative patients, individuals with congenital defects, and those undergoing limb lengthening. Her approach relies on adapting diverse techniques such as manual therapy, deep tissue massage, and PNF (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation) to effectively support her patients in returning to full functionality.

Her primary goals in work are to expedite the recovery process but also to ensure the highest quality of life for her patients.

Outside her professional work, Aleksandra is involved in organizing workshops and events aimed at promoting holistic well-being. Additionally, she adores traveling, which serves not only as a means of exploring new places but also as an outlet for another passion—photography. She is also an enthusiast of yoga and pilates, which allow her to maintain a balance between body and mind, fostering harmony in her daily life. By combining her professional passion and personal interests, Aleksandra inspires others to adopt a healthy lifestyle and prioritize their well-being.