Adrian Choiński

Orthopedics & Pediatric Orthopedics

Adrian Choiński –

As a specialist in adult and pediatric orthopedics, Adrian Choiński, MD holds all the diagnostic and therapeutic skills necessary for the treatment of knee, hip, shoulder, elbow and spine conditions.

His highly personal, empathetic and individualized approach guarantees the best possible outcome for each patient treated.

He specializes in the treatment of various orthopedic conditions, from degenerative disease to sports injuries. Chondral injury treatment, joint reconstruction, bone infection treatment and biologic procedures with the purpose of delaying or eliminating the need for joint replacement are his areas of expertise. He believes that thanks to the achievements of today’s orthopedics, musculoskeletal surgery always finds a way.


– Corrective osteotomies of the shin / femur
– Knee / hip arthroplasty
– Treatment of reciprocal courses, non-union
– Knee surgery (among others): knee arthroscopy, suturing menisci, reconstructions
– Ankle / Foot Surgery (among others): ankle arthroscopy, foot position correction / foot reconstruction procedures, hallux, rigid toe
– Hand surgery (among others): fractures of the bones of the hand, wrist, forearm; hand and wrist dislocations or twists; finger and finger; nerve diseases and injuries; wounds and infections of the hand, wrist, forearm; abnormal fusion of the bones of the forearm