Postoperative care

Post-operative care in the Paley European Institute includes necessary dressing changes and orthopedic control consultations within the time frame set by the attending physician. If necessary, a physiotherapist, clinical dietitian and psychotherapist are also available to the patient.

In the discharge card, the attending physician writes post-operative recommendations regarding

  1. Allowable loads for the limb, orthopedic equipment (Crutches, walking frame, wheelchair)
  2. Analgesic treatment
  3. Additional pharmacotherapy
  4. Dates and type of rehabilitation
  5. Schedule of dressing changes
  6. Date of first postoperative consultation
  7. Further consultation dates if possible to be agreed
  8. Information on necessary tests before postoperative consultations
  9. The dates of these additional tests correlated with postoperative visits.

Medical care coordinator based on information from the attending physician, enters the date of the first follow-up visit as well as subsequent postoperative visits in the calendar. He also provides feedback regarding the date to the attending physician so that an entry in the information card is possible.


The patient receives a prescription for medication along with the discharge documents as well as the necessary referrals needed before the postoperative consultations.