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Arabella’s Story – arthrogryposis

Arabella was born with arthrogryposis, a group of symptoms of various aetiology, including congenital, polyarticular muscle contractures, joint stiffness and osteoarticular deformities.

Her parents were looking for a surgeon in Scotland for a long time to treat the girl. Unfortunately, to no avail. Finally, they found Dr. Feldman on the Internet, who during one of his visits to PEI saw the girl for a consultation, and then undertook an operation.

At Arabella, during one operational meeting, the following were performed:
➡ bilateral femoral osteotomy
➡ bilateral femoral osteoplasty
➡ bilateral shortening of the femur by 5 cm
➡ reconstruction of the knee joints
➡ lengthening the hamstrings
➡ bilateral peroneal nerve release
➡ bilateral stabilization of the femur with the LCP plate and internal stabilization with the SLIMROD intramedullary nail.

After the treatment, during physiotherapy classes, Arabella worked on active extension in the knee joints, as well as strengthening the muscles that allow flexion in the joints. Later, she began to learn standing and walking, i.e. the ability to maintain balance and overcome the fear of falling. Orthopedic equipment is extremely important in the case of arthrogryposis, because after surgical procedures, the orthosis enables the joint to be secured and the range of motion maintained.

Currently, the girl is learning to walk, function in everyday life and her standard of living is constantly improving. It’s great to watch this progress.