Pre-operative qualification

After determining the date of surgery, the Medical Care Coordinator will determine the date of consultation qualifying for surgery. The purpose of the qualifying visit is to monitor the patient’s condition and to exclude the occurrence of contraindications for elective surgery. At the appointed date, the Patient reports with a set of recommended examinations (the full list can be downloaded below).

The pre-operative qualification includes a visit to an orthopedist, anesthesiologist, pediatrician as well as a dietitian and psychotherapist.


The total consultation time is about 120 min. During the meeting, the course of the operation, anesthesia, preparation for hospital admission and formal issues are discussed in detail. Visits are important not only for medical reasons, but also to ensure patients’ sense of security. Each patient has the opportunity to freely ask questions and the doctors and patient caregivers do their best to provide comprehensive and understandable information.

laboratory tests to be carried out before the visit download


The orthopedic surgeon, after examining the Patient and familiarizing himself with the tests confirms (or modifies if necessary) the operating procedure. Explains the procedure and possible complications and provides the consent documentation to be signed. Orthopedic consultation is also the appropriate time to ask questions to the doctor and clarify difficult issues related to the procedure.


The anaesthesiologist, based on the results of the examination, anaesthesiological survey and subjective examination (interviews with the patient), selects the most appropriate type of anesthesia for the procedure. He informs the patient about possible complications and provides the consent for anesthesia to be signed

Anesthesia survey download


Children have a wonderful, vivid imagination, but when they do not know what awaits them, dark scenarios form in their heads. A very important stage before the operation is to explain to the child what is going to happen, and even illustrate it with a drawing or a scene. At PEI we make sure that everyone feels comfortable, so we provide our patients and their families with a psychotherapist with whom they can go through the entire treatment and rehabilitation process with peace of mind. Even heroes need rest and support sometimes!

How to prepare yourself and your child for the procedure  download


After completing all visits to specialists, the Patient returns to the Medical Care Coordinator, to whom he gives the file with medical records. The coordinator informs the patient about preparation for hospitalization, admittance to the ward and signs a contract with the patient for the procedure.