At Paley European Institute, we know that the patient’s well-being is crucial for fast recovery. Therefore, we do our best to make the hospital stay safe and as comfortable as possible. Surgeries are performed at the Medicover Hospital in Warsaw cooperating with PEI. It is a multi-specialized hospital offering high service quality (confirmed by e.g. the accreditation of the Minister of Health, ISO and “Szpital bez bólu” [Hospital without pain] certificate) and full safety (due to the presence of an intensive care unit, among others) to the Patients. Its assets include experienced staff, state-of-the-art equipment and comfortable stay conditions. Together, we ensure the highest standard of care over the patient.



  1. Typically, an admission to the hospital department is on the day before the scheduled procedure at 12:00–18.00 or at another time, according to the recommendations of the treating physician and the anesthesiologist. Minors should report to the hospital with a parent/legal guardian.
  2. The patient along with the PEI Medical Care Coordinator reports to the Medicover Hospital Care Coordinator, who ensures that all formalities required before admission to the hospital have been fulfilled (physician consultations, laboratory tests and diagnostic examinations, agreement conclusion, payment).
  3. Then, the Coordinators escort the Patient to the hospital department.

Hospitalization includes:

  1. Patient’s stay in a double room* equipped with a bathroom, TV (choice of channels adapted to the needs of young Patients and their parents, including English-language channels), free internet, wardrobe, cabinets, desks, play corner, night lamps, paging system. To ensure the right temperature, air conditioning was installed in each room. The system is centrally controlled. (* It is possible to book a stay in a single room – for an extra charge)
  2. Full patient board, with the option of including the needs of people with special dietary requirements/needs in the menu, resulting from the patient’s condition and/or worldview (e.g. vegetarians, diabetics, food allergies).
  3. We provide accommodation in the ward for one parent – on a comfortable sofa bed. The hospital provides meals for them. Parents have at their disposal a corner equipped with a microwave, fridge and electric kettle. There is a restaurant on the ground floor of the hospital. The second parent’s visits and other visits are possible in accordance with the hospital regulations between 8:00 and 22:00.
  4. 24/7 nursing care and care of a physician on duty. Pharmacotherapy and diagnostic tests – in accordance with medical recommendations.
  5. Possibility of psychological consultation and consultation with a doctor of other specialties – in accordance with medical recommendations
  6. Visit of certified animators specialized in working with children in conditions of stay in a medical facility. Smile therapy helps to forget about fear and brings measurable effects, especially when the patient is a child.
  7. Rehabilitation with the help of a physiotherapist in the ward.
  8. Contact by phone with a designated Patient Coordinator who will help solve current issues.

Can a parent stay with the child?

Reducing stress, building a sense of security and good relationships with the family can significantly help the recovery process of a sick child. Therefore, we attach great importance to providing parents of patients with comfortable conditions of stay with the child in the ward.


We provide accommodation in a patient’s room for one caregiver – on a comfortable sofa bed, a set of bedding and full board. Parents have at their disposal a corner equipped with a microwave, fridge and electric kettle. There is a restaurant on the ground floor of the hospital.


Parents can or even should accompany their child during examinations, dressing changes, preparation for anesthesia or the recovery procedure.


During hospitalization, we provide a meeting with professional animators who, with their commitment and ideas, bring a smile to children during their stay in hospital. Optimism and an open attitude to the world are given to our little patients and their parents, who for a moment can forget about the sadness and worries associated with the procedure.