Wydłużanie kończyn gwoździami Precice


Limb lengthening with intramedullary nails – a conversation with Dr. Michal J. Deszczynski

We asked Dr. J. Michal Deszczynski to tell us about lengthening limbs with intramedullary nails.

From the video you will learn, among other things:

– What is internal bone lengthening?
– How does the lengthening process work?
– How many additional centimeters can be obtained by this elongation method?
– By how many millimeters per day is the bone lengthened?
– What conditions must be met in order to perform internal lengthening?
– Is the lengthening process painful?
– For whom is this elongation method dedicated?
– Do we have something in common with the salamander?

We invite you to watch!