Ceremony of unveiling the bell “Yes, I can”

Yesterday was a big day at our Institute! It was a ceremony of unveiling the bell which proclaims our patients' moment of triumph when they complete level of treatment at the Paley European Institute.

Przez cały okres leczenia w naszym Instytucie pacjenci uczą się wykonywać codzienne drobne czynności. Coś, co dla niektórych jest zwykłą aktywnością, dla naszych Pacjentów oznacza wiele godzin ćwiczeń, niesamowitego wysiłku, a nierzadko także wylanych łez.

Every day our patients learn to do small activities. Something that for some is a simple activity, for our patients means hours of exercise, incredible effort, and often tears.”Yes, I can” is for our patients, especially children, reaching for a cup, cycling or taking shower independently. Here we have the privilege of participating in the journey to the peak of possibility, admire the strength and will to fight and learn enormous patience, commitment and perseverance.

Their determination brings them to the day when they leave the physiotherapy room for the last time. They want to announce their joy and pride to the world – I made it! They also want to show those who are just starting this way: I made it, so you can do it too. Yes, you can! This is the role of ringing the bell.

The sounds of the bell, which was unveiled today at the Paley European Institute, mark the completion of a stage of treatment, express a full range of satisfaction with the results of hard and persistent work, as well as motivation to overcome weakness. We are glad that the cooperation with the Dignify Foundation and BTTP Advisors resulted in the realization of this project.

I remember the end of my daughter’s long treatment at the Paley Institute in the USA. We spent many busy and often painful months there. Concentration on the treatment process and supporting Jadzia was enormous and what I remember the most today and to which I return many times was the moment of her triumph. The day when the little patient ends his rehabilitation stay at the Institute was an exceptional event. This is the day when you show the whole world how much effort has gone into and how long each of these little patients has gone through. Each Child (adults as well) on this day has one task – to walk a few meters and ring a special bell as loud as they can. The cheering of parents, physiotherapists and doctors is what causes goose bumps, and memories stay with us for many years.

As the founder of the Dignify Foundation, my first project was to cast a personalized bell for the Paley European Institute and find such a unique sponsor as BTTP Advisors. Children’s emotional support is just as important in the treatment process as the medical or surgical intervention itself. PEI is an example of how these two aspects can coexist and work together during treatment. I am very happy that we have a place in Poland that appreciates and supports the efforts of little Patients and their Families so much.


Joanna Sobolewska, president of the Dignify Foundation