One of the values at the Paley European Institute is creating a harmonious community. The treatment process of our patients is often spread over many years. This is one of the reasons why we want every person who comes to us to feel that they are coming to a place they know well and where they are not anonymous.

During intensive physiotherapy, a special bond is built between the patient and the specialist. The experience and mindfulness of physiotherapists make patients approach the exercises with confidence. Sometimes these exercises are painful, but our vigilant physical therapists can calmly explain where this pain comes from and that it is a natural and temporary stage. In a word – we want the patient to feel that he or she is in the best hands, which not only helps to achieve subsequent therapeutic goals, but is also able to pat on the shoulder with appreciation, even during not necessarily pleasant treatments.

Each visit to PEI brings not only a reliable medical consultation, a professionally made X-ray or physiotherapy tailored to the needs and possibilities. We also want the best care for patients by contacting the reception desk or medical care coordinators. Visits to PEI also become an opportunity to meet other families who face similar challenges. Every day we see how it is natural for little patients to establish relationships and play with other children. Many times, these contacts are transferred from the Institute to the outside and have lasted for many years, bearing fruit, among others, joint trips.

Following our values ​​since last year, at the end of summer, we organize a family picnic in Julinek near Warsaw. We want this annual meeting to become our common tradition, which both children and adults will be waiting for with flushed faces. The picnic is an opportunity to strengthen the ties that were born in PEI, as well as to get to know other families and our employees better, who are not visible at the Institute on a daily basis, but who make sure that everything works as it should.

In Julinek, each participant has the opportunity to present their talents and skills, take part in games and activities adapted to age and abilities, climb in the rope park, and in the meantime eat something delicious.

Common experiences, hospitalizations, surgical procedures and physiotherapy make people reveal their sensitive points and delicate parts that are normally hidden from the world. For this reason, our beloved animators and a psychologist who are willing to play together appear in the hospital ward.

It is an honor for us that you have trusted us and that we can accompany you in the treatment process. We are also glad that we can jointly pursue major and minor goals, and after each completed stage, we proudly call the bell that has recently been hanging at the Institute. Each of its sounds means success for us and encourages us to work intensively. Thank you for being with us and together we can create a great community.