At the Paley European Institute, we specialize not only in congenital limb deformities but also in the treatment of children after injuries. We enable our young patients to achieve full recovery. We specialize in diagnosing orthopedic conditions and performing surgical procedures. However, treating patients after injuries is not all that we offer. Our team of physiotherapists, who support pediatric orthopedics, has the skills to work with the youngest patients, making it a pleasant and enjoyable experience for them.

Treatment of children after injuries

Treating injuries and pediatric orthopedics is our specialty. At the Paley European Institute, we are not afraid of challenges, which is why our range of services is extremely wide. We specialize in surgical treatment of fractures, post-traumatic joint stability reconstructions, and minimally invasive arthroscopic treatment. We are distinguished not only by our rich experience and extensive knowledge but also by our individual approach to each patient. That’s why it is worthwhile to seek treatment for post-traumatic orthopedic conditions at the Paley European Institute. We offer comprehensive services and high-level care. Our patients receive all the essential information before the procedure and have a clear understanding of what the surgery will entail. We also provide support during the recovery period. Feel free to contact us and learn more about the services offered at the Paley European Institute!

Surgical treatment of fractures
Arthroscopic treatment
Post-traumatic reconstruction of joint stability

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