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About us

Paley European Institute is the European part of the world-famous Paley Orthopedic & Spine Institute in Florida, USA, specializing in the treatment of congenital, developmental and post-traumatic orthopedic diseases. It is here that world-class surgeons deal with comprehensive treatment of orthopedic diseases, reconstruction of limbs and soft tissues and restoration of their functions in very advanced and complicated cases.

Our mission is to provide the best care to patients with bone and joint diseases, from minor injuries to the most complicated deformities of the limbs, especially related to their lengthening and spine surgery. As leaders in reconstructive orthopedics, we carry out the largest number of reconstructive procedures in the world in our two centers. Our team, led by Dr. Dror Paley, performs the most modern, innovative treatments tailored to the individual needs of our patients from all over the world.

We listen to the needs of our patients and devote them as much time as they need. We prepare and explain in detail how the individually designed treatment plan for their entire life will run. Our team accompanies the patient throughout the entire treatment process. In addition to the support of doctors and physiotherapists, he can also count on the help of medical care coordinators who guide him through the entire treatment process, as well as a psychologist and dietitian.

Our care is distinguished by the quality, knowledge and emotional commitment of the entire Paley European Institute team, which gives our patients a chance for the best possible results.

Patient stories

Our care is distinguished by the quality, knowledge and emotional commitment of the entire Paley European Institute team, which gives our patients a chance for the best possible results.

Meet the team

Dror Paley
Dror Paley

A world-famous orthopedic surgeon who has performed over 20.000 orthopedic surgeries for children and adults, especially limb lengthening and surgeries related to deformation correction and joint protection. Founder and director of the Paley Institute in West Palm Beach, Florida, graduate of the University of Toronto.

At the age of 30, he gained experience and apprenticeship in Kurgan under the supervision of Russian prof. Ilizarov (Ilizarov method). Then he began to develop the methods he had learned himself. In 1986, he introduced the Ilizarov method in the United States and Canada, where he has performed over 20,000 treatments related to limb lengthening and deformation correction.

In 2001-2009 he was the director of the Rubin Institute for Advanced Orthopedics (RIAO) and the International Center for Limb Lengthening (ICLL) at the Sinai Hospital of Baltimore. He taught orthopedics and pediatric orthopedics for 14 years at the University of Maryland, where he was also the head of pediatric orthopedics (1987-2001).

His four grandparents were born in Poland. The origin of his ancestors and the impression made by Polish doctors – Dr. Jarosław Michał Deszczyński and Dr. Tomasz Albrewczyński, who were on an internship under a special scholarship program at the Florida center, made the Paley European Institute established in Poland. He is the author of over 130 publications and many textbooks on limb reconstruction in conditions such as hypoplasia of the femur, lack of fibula or lack of tibia.

His book, Principles of Deformity Correction, set a new standard in understanding and treating limb deformities. He is currently completing the publication on congenital deformities of the lower limbs. Privately, a father of four. He enjoys fitness training, cycling, skiing, climbing, diving, nature photography and studying history.

Dr. Paley is fluent in English, Hebrew, French, Italian, Spanish and Russian.

David Feldman
David Feldman

A recognized specialist in the field of orthopedic surgery for children and adults. He mainly deals with spine surgery and treatment of: scoliosis, hip and knee arthritis, cerebral palsy, deformities accompanying congenital syndromes and limb lengthening. Director of the Spine Deformity Center and Hip Pain Center at Paley Institute, a graduate of the Albert Einstein School of Medicine in New York. He gained experience in general surgery at NYU Langone Medical Center and the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto. He was the head of orthopedic surgery for children and a professor of orthopedic surgery and pediatrics at NYU Langone Medical Center / NYU Hospital for Joint Diseases in New York. Author of articles in leading medical journals, in which he presents various orthopedic diseases – from back pain to scoliosis to hip dysplasia and arthrogryposis. Thanks to the experience of dr. Feldman in advanced nonsurgical and surgical techniques, thousands of his patients around the world were relieved of pain during their daily activities. Happy dad and grandpa. Contemporary art lover and collector of paintings.

J. Michał Deszczyński
J. Michał Deszczyński

Medical Director of the Paley European Institute. Orthopedist specializing in the treatment of musculoskeletal deformities, limb lengthening, treatment of articular cartilage defects and joint endoprosthetics. A graduate of the Medical University of Warsaw in the field of medicine and postgraduate studies in Clinical Research Methodology of the Medical University of Warsaw. In 2016 he defended his doctoral dissertation on high osteotomy of the tibia. He completed an internship at the Paley Institute of Pediatric Orthopedics and Musculoskeletal Deformation in West Palm Beach, Florida, USA.

He was the head of the department of pediatric orthopedics and treatment of musculoskeletal deformities at the Medicover Hospital in Warsaw.

His greatest authority in the field of orthopedics is his father – Jarosław Deszczyński Senior, who instilled in him empathy and respect for other people. In medical practice, he focuses on cooperation and ensuring full comfort to her patients.

After his mentor, he repeats: “A surgeon is as good as his last operation is good” (Dror Paley).

Dad of two children. He loves “Star Wars” and classical music. Passionate about new technologies and aviation.

Tomasz Albrewczyński
Tomasz Albrewczyński

Orthopedist treating musculoskeletal deformities, limb lengthening, pediatric orthopedics and joint reconstruction. A graduate of the Medical University of Warsaw. He gained orthopedic experience in the Department and Clinic of the Second Medical Faculty of the Medical University of Warsaw. Then he did an internship at the Paley Institute in West Palm Beach, Florida, USA.

This allowed him to build a solid foundation for further professional work. He successfully implements innovative solutions in the treatment process of his patients.

As he says about himself, he is a flesh and blood surgeon. The operating theater is the environment in which he feels best. In his professional practice, he focuses on the highest standards. He has long erased the word “compromise” from the dictionary, and he expects the same from his colleagues. His credo in life is: “Man has either excuses or results in life” (Canfield Jack). Privately, a dad of two children and an enthusiast of motorization, especially engine construction.

Matthew Dobbs MD
Matthew Dobbs MD

Matthew Dobbs, MD, FACS is director of the Dobbs Clubfoot Center at the Paley Institute in West Palm Beach, Florida. Prior to that he was the Dr. Asa C. and Mrs. Dorothy W. Jones Professor of Orthopedic Surgery and the Director of Strategic Planning at Washington University School of Medicine. He also co-directed an NIH funded musculoskeletal genetics research laboratory and was founder (2001) and director of the clubfoot clinic at Saint Louis Children’s from 2001-2020. He is internationally recognized for his expertise and innovation in the field of pediatric foot and lower limb deformities as well as in the management of patients with cerebral palsy spasticity.

Dr. Dobbs trained under the guidance of Professor Ignacio Ponseti (Ponseti method). Since that time, he has introduced the Ponseti method for clubfoot management to surgeons in more than 50 countries. He has established a “train the trainers” program for clubfoot management where key thought leaders from different countries are identified and brought to him for intense training in the method so that they are then empowered to return home and train other surgeons in their own country.

Dr. Dobbs is an innovator in minimally invasive surgery for congenital and developmental foot and lower limb deformities and torticollis, and a pioneer in the treatment of selective dorsal rhizotomy (SDR) patients. His techniques and mechanisms as well as orthotic protection (Dobbs brace) set new standards in the norm in the world.


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