The “Kochaj Życie” Foundation

The “Kochaj Życie” Foundation was established in 2007 at the Okęcie airport in Warsaw. She started with the activity of helping single mothers at the Intervention Care Center in Otwock, the Orthopedics and Rehabilitation Clinic of the Bródno Hospital, as well as the Department of Neurosurgery of that hospital. In 2012, after receiving the status of OPP, they raised the bar and set themselves the goal of helping children with serious orthopedic problems. The diagnosis is often associated with the recommendation most difficult for the patient and family to accept, namely limb amputation. The Foundation knows many cases where parents, disagreeing with such a medical verdict, started looking for help outside Poland. It was none other than desperate parents who found Dr. Drora Paley’s clinic in West Palm Beach, Florida, and the Love Life Foundation decided to go a step further and do everything so that parents can regain their faith and hope that their children will go through life on their own feet against the previously recommended amputation. With the current structure of health care financing, the problem has become the treatment of these diseases in the US at the expense of the National Health Fund, which has practically ceased to authorize reimbursement of operations and rehabilitation in Florida. Families of sick children faced the dilemma of what to do next, how to save their child from the vision of permanent disability. At this point, the “Kochaj Życie” Foundation decided to help parents and was the first to invite Dr. Paley to Poland in 2014. A press conference, a lecture by Dr. Paley, and consultations for about 30 children were organized then. In the following years, the Foundation invited Dr. Paley and Dr. Feldman three more times for consultations with young patients, which took place in Warsaw and twice in Skierniewice. At the turn of 2017/18, the Foundation decided to finance the nine-month training of two Polish orthopedists at the Dr. Paley Clinic in West Palm Beach, Florida. Shortly after that, in Poland, in Warsaw, the European Institute of Dr. Paley (Paley European Institute) was established, which is a great support for many families not only in Poland, but also in Europe. Please visit our Foundation’s website: and their social media.