The Foundation “Chodzę i Biegam”

The Foundation “Chodzę i Biegam” tries to find an answer to the question about the place of people with disabilities in the social policy of our country. The scale of the phenomenon of disability in Poland shows that thousands of people have reduced biological fitness, which causes many difficulties in everyday functioning. In order to ensure lasting changes for people with disabilities, it is necessary to create an appropriate strategy that will take into account long-term, systemic actions. Foundation members look for and check what strategies are undertaken and implemented. The Foundation creates structures and tools thanks to which donors and volunteers can share with those in need. Through this, the Foundation aims to create new models of social behavior.

“We are committed to providing material and service support (counseling, access to the best specialists, advocacy – we want to be the voice of parents and children, adults with disabilities, psychological support and many others). We are also a platform that will focus and promote best practices in the domestic and foreign markets that effectively activate, show people with disabilities, propose solutions, and not only look for problems and complain. We believe in change leaders and we want to help them make this world a better place. “

Having a scientific background, the Foundation looks for reliable sources of knowledge and conducts research in cooperation with the best universities on disability. Unfortunately, in our society there is a huge neglect in collecting data about people with disabilities. Members mainly systematize these data, mainly in the field of orthopedic and neurological diseases.