In order to make a reservation for a procedure date, a payment of 20% of the cost estimate must be made, and the final amount must be paid a month before the surgery. Acceptable payment methods are bank transfers in PLN, EUR and USD.


Paley European Institute Sp z o.o.

Aleja Rzeczypospolitej 1, 02-970 Warszawa

Santander Bank Polska



Please be advised that Paley European Institute’s bank account numbers have changed.


Starting today, we are strongly asking you to use your new bank account numbers:

PLN IBAN: PL 86 1090 1883 0000 0001 4827 9429

EUR IBAN: PL 75 1090 1883 0000 0001 4827 9433

USD IBAN: PL 37 1090 1883 0000 0001 4827 9438


Previous bank account numbers will remain active for 2 more years.



patient’s first name and last name, date of birth (DD/M/YEAR), date or month of the planned visit/surgery

e.g.: John Smith, 20/10/2007, April 2020


In the case of questions regarding payments arrangements or information about transfers, please contact us via e-mail: jsek@paleyeurope.com.

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