How to prepare for a visit at the Paley European Institute?


Orthopedic consultation is completely painless and non-invasive. The first visit lasts about 60 minutes and takes place at the Paley European Institute at Al. Rzeczypospolitej 1, in Warsaw. After arriving at the place, please go to Reception to register and complete all formalities.



The first visit lasts about 60 minutes



The first visit takes place at the Paley European Institute at Al. Rzeczypospolita 1 (entrance A, 1st floor)

  1. The first procedure the patient encounters after registration is the interview. The patient is asked to provide information on the course of pregnancy and childbirth, the occurrence of similar health problems in the family, whether and how the patient was previously treated, what he additionally suffered from and what symptoms or questions prompted him to visit the clinic. Based on the information obtained, a medical history is established. During this conversation we will also ask if the patient is under the care of other specialist doctors and whether he is on permanent medications, and if so, which ones and in what doses.
  2. The second part of the process of establishing patient’s condition is the physical examination. Depending on the needs, the doctor assesses the patient’s gait, position of the limbs (free / forced), the occurrence of any tremors or deformities within the joints or bones. The orthopedist may ask the patient to perform various activities (e.g. squats), which allow assessing the active mobility of individual joints. Apart from it, passive mobility is also examined – the doctor makes movements in individual planes with the patient’s limbs, looking for possible pathological resistance during this process. During the orthopedic consultation, the patient’s muscular strength is also assessed.

If necessary, the doctor may order additional imaging examinations on site or refer the patient to an external diagnostic center.


Within 21 business days of consultation, you will receive a visit report with an Individual Treatment Plan prepared by our team. The time frame here may be extended if it is necessary to perform additional diagnostic tests or carry out additional consultations within the PEI Medical Team.


In order to improve the registration procedure, please send all your radiographic images (X-ray, CT, MRI) to the at the latest two days before your visit, along with a brief description of the disease or questions for consultation. Failure to submit the above tests significantly prolongs the process of preparing the treatment plan and in exceptional situations we may ask you to reschedule the visit.

If you have any questions, please contact the Patient Coordinator who will provide you with all additional information and help you prepare for your visit.