Kamil’s story – Congenital Pseudoarthrosis of the Tibia

Kamil is 23 years old and suffers from a congenital pseudoarthrosis of the tibia. Before he was admitted to Paley European Institute, he had undergone 12 surgeries. There is still a long period of physiotherapy ahead of Kamil, but our specialists developed a comprehensive program for his recovery and return to full functioning.


The disease Kamil suffers from is a type of disorder causing bone bending, which leads to a fracture and formation of pseudoarthrosis. At the site where two bone fragments should unite, a moving connection is formed, i.e. a joint (but the mobility is pathological). The treatment consists of immobilization of the limb with the use of an orthosis (covering the knee and thigh) unless a fracture occurs – after the fracture, surgical treatment is necessary. In order to avoid consecutive fractures, the pseudoarthrosis must be excised and a transplant must be made.


Since the last fracture of the tibia, Kamil wore a plaster cast for over a year before he was admitted to Paley European Institute. In 2019, thanks to the support of the local council and the “Kochaj życie” [Love life] foundation, Kamil was consulted by Dr. Dror Paley. In December, the PEI team performed the 13th surgery, after which a comprehensive physiotherapy was initiated.


Due to the disease, Kamil spent the most of his life at home. The lack of lasting relations with the environment and peers, and continuous fear of fractures made him become shy, insecure and fearful. The surgery, which he underwent successfully, gave him new strength and helped believe that good things happen and that he has a chance for a normal life. What is more, the family situation requires him to find employment and support the family budget, which was heavily drained on over these years. Both of his parents, elderly and ailing, cannot work anymore. Kamil feels that the time has come to take care of his closest family.


The man regained his will to fight, set a goal and has some people around who will help him gain qualifications required for working as a carpenter. A place for occupational training and a workplace are already waiting for him, but for this story to have a happy ending, both physical and mental rehabilitation are required. We keep our fingers crossed for Kamil, and fight shoulder to shoulder with him.