Piotr’s story – Comminuted Fractures of Pelvis

In August 2020, Piotruś was hit by a car while riding a bike (the accident took place in Stalowa Wola). The boy was transported to the hospital in Tarnobrzeg, where he was diagnosed with a fracture of the calf bone and a complex pelvic fracture.


The boy’s parents received Paley European Institute contact details from their relatives. During consultation, Dr. Tomasz Albrewczyński explained in detail what the procedure would look like, what to expect, what risks were involved in it and what the physiotherapy would look like. The only problem was the transportation of the boy to Warsaw. That is where Medicover came to the rescue. By courtesy of the Management, an ambulance equipped with a special orthopedic stretcher could be borrowed to maximize the safety of Piotruś.


Doctors from PEI diagnosed the boy with very rare, isolated, comminuted fractures of the pelvis, among others. The fractures required careful, anatomic setting and stabilization with internal implants and a special, dedicated external apparatus. The surgery was performed by Dr. Dror Paley together with Dr. Michał Deszczyński and Dr. Tomasz Albrewczyński as early as on the next day after coming to Warsaw.


Two days after the surgery, Piotruś stood on his own feet. Straightaway, the boy was able to walk using a walker and fully weight-bear the limbs. A month after the surgery, the boy could go back to school and after 11 weeks PEI doctors performed the implant removal procedure. As promised by Dr. Tomasz, 3 months after the accident, Piotruś was able to ride his bike again.