Klaudia’s story – Cerebral Palsy (CP)

Klaudia is a girl with cerebral palsy. From birth she struggled with increased muscle tension in the lower and upper limbs. As a result of brain damage during childbirth, Claudia developed increased muscle tone, especially in the left side of her body. Within a few years, the girl had consultations in Polish and foreign centers and systematically attended physiotherapy.


It was necessary to undergo surgery so that Klaudia could carry out her daily activities without pain. During the consultation at the Paley European Institute, Klaudia’s mother got to know the entire treatment plan and possible scenarios for postoperative physiotherapy. With the support of an American team, Polish doctors performed a comprehensive operation on the lower limb, which lasted several hours.


After the surgery, Klaudia started intensive physical therapy, the main goal of which is to strengthen the muscles responsible for maintaining proper posture and movement patterns. The gluteal muscles are especially important. “Since the surgery and physiotherapy, Claudia has changed that her condition has improved not only physically, but also mentally. Klaudia was previously a more closed-off child, living inside herself, worried about what awaited her next. Now he is a cheerful child, he has more strength to fight. First of all, he does not give up, he fights for himself. She has always been a stubborn girl, but now, seeing all the effects after the surgery, when she walks, she has a straight leg, it motivates her more to reach for bigger goals” says Magdalena Sobczak, Klaudia’s mother.


Klaudia still has about 2 years of intensive exercise that will allow her to achieve the best results. We are proud to observe that thanks to his determination and motivation to overcome difficulties and with the support of doctors and physiotherapists from the Paley European Institute, he is getting closer and closer to fulfilling his dreams of becoming a veterinarian and jumping with a parachute.