Filip’s story – Arthrogryposis (AMC)

“Your son will never be able to move, eat or drink on his own” – Filip’s parents faced a devastating diagnosis after their son was born. They were told outright that he would never be independent. Fortunately, they never stopped believing it would be different and the boy would not be wheelchair-bound.

Filip was born with a rare type type of arthrogryposis that affects four limbs, leading to many deformities and contractures in both arms and legs, and with congenital feet deformity (clubfoot), which completely prevented him from normal moving, walking or standing in orthoses.


After many stages of treatment, both in Poland and abroad, Filip was consulted at Paley European Institute. There, the physicians offered a comprehensive treatment plan allowing for the enhancement of the boy’s performance – and thus independence. The first stage was to restore mobility in the hip and knee joints. During one surgical session, the extensor mechanism reconstruction technique was used, the entire quadriceps muscle was released, and femoral osteoplasty and knee reconstruction procedures were performed.


Through this complex yet correctly performed surgery, 90° range of motion in flexion and full extension were achieved. As early as on the first day after the surgery, a physical therapist from Paley European Institute initiated intensive exercises with Filip to maintain the achieved range of motion.


“Miracles happen here!” – says Agnieszka Prątnicka, Filip’s mom – “We are here everyday for physiotherapy and we can feel this power! We are full of hope and still fighting.”


We are proud to watch Filip, supported by specialists from Paley European Institute, standing on his own feet and making first steps. Intensive exercises are challenging for him, but the boy does not give up and continues to fight for the best results possible.