Our Surgeons

The Paley European Institute is a European representative of the world-famous center specializing in the treatment of congenital, developmental and traumatic orthopedic diseases.

The Paley European Institute’s mission is to provide the most technologically advanced treatments to improve patients’ lives.


Serving children and adults from Poland and Europe, the Paley European Institute offers comprehensive, coordinated care of an experienced team of specialists, assigned in such a way so as to meet the specific needs of each patient.


At the Paley European Institute, our treatment philosophy focuses on the maintenance of limbs and joints, their reconstruction and restoration of their function.


The strength of the PEI treatment process is its interdisciplinarity and holistic approach to the therapy, which takes place in constant cooperation with an orthopedic doctor, pediatrician, dietitian, psychologist and a team of physiotherapists.


Our care is distinguished by the quality, knowledge and emotional commitment of the entire PEI team, which gives our patients the best possible results.

Dror Paley


David Feldman


Jarosław Michał Deszczyński



Tomasz Albrewczyński